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New Feature!

Your email address may now be used just like your referral code!

If you're happy with our products and service, just let others know and give them your referral code.

They'll get 500 USD bonus on their first trade, and you'll be rewarded too

with 1st client - 100 usd
2nd client - 500 usd
3rd client - 700 usd
4th client - 800 usd
5th client -900 usd
6th clients and all following 1000 usd.
. Its simply a Win-Win-Win deal for everyone involved!

It is a great option for referring people who may already know your email address or when you can't remember your referral code.

- Print your referral code, write it on a piece of paper and give it out, or simply email it to your friends and relatives
- Feel free to share this code with anyone who has never open account with us before.

They will get $500 bonus on their first trade. And you will receive a commission.
- You receive a commission from their trades.
- The customers you refer get $500 bonus on the first trade and are introduced to top Foreign Exchange Clearing House, best one pip spread, faster execution and easy to trade trading station one of the best broker in the Forex!
- The customers they refer enjoy the same kinds of benefits.

What is the idea behind this program?

We at FXCH appreciate the "word of mouth" advertising our customers generously provide. We've been looking for a way to say thank you. With this program, we reward you for introducing FXCH to your relatives and friends.

Our program has many fundamental differences:

No start up fees the program costs you nothing
No meetings to attend just spread the word and pass along your code
No trading requirements. You never have to trade with us.

Can I cash out my credits?

On the last day of each month, any account holder with $100 or more in credits can automatically withdraw their credits by perfect money, web money or via bank wire transfer.

Is there a Rewards Credits limit?

No. There's no limit to the amount of credits you can earn

Can I refer as many people to FXCH as I like?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make, or the potential credits you can earn.

How can I promote my FXCH account?

Promoting online:

Email your code to friends & family.
Post it on your social networking website (MySpace, FaceBook, etc)
List it on personal blogs
List it on on-line Bulletin Boards/Forums

Promoting off-line: (printed material)

Give them out at your health club
Hand them to friends and family
Give them to your colleagues at work
Pass some out to your neighbors
Tack a few to your school, church or club bulletin board.
Add one to personal mailings

Promote using your email:

The email address associated with your FXCH account may be used just like your referral code. This is a great option for referring people who may already know your email address or when you can't remember your referral code.

How much credit can I expect to earn?

This is entirely up to you. We already have a number of affiliates earning over 5000 dollars per month. And they've reached these amounts in a very short time just using Forex Forums and without the 4-levels and endless rewards or printed promotional tools. You're in possession of the most powerful marketing tool Word of Mouth Advertising.

If you are interesting in Win-Win-Win program, please contact us at any time for assistance via E-mail at

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