White Label



We can be able to offer MetaTrader4 state-of-the-art trading platform to your clients with your company name and logo on it. White Labeling can help you quickly expand your business wherever you are. White Labeling allows you the ability to keep, own, maintain and grow your client base in an ever more competitive market without all the costs associated with developing and launching your own Internet trading platform. We do all of that for you.

A white label helps to distinguish you from your competitors, promote your company, and offers a unique marketing tool to help you obtain and manage more clients. We will still perform all dealing, administrative, and compliance tasks, allowing you to focus on sales and marketing.

White Labels can focus on recruiting and retaining clients while we provide full back office services. Our online platform eliminates individual trade overhead costs, including trade confirmation, account statement, and margin control.

White labels receive the following
 Live platform anchor.

 Demo platform anchor.

 Demo registration anchor with automatic server e-mail confirmation.

 Real time quote box.

 Real time charting (in closed user group).

 24 hour assistance.

• To prepare a new White Label, our company specialist need 2 working days on the average.

If you are interesting became regular White Label Partner please, see the info below: .

Partner White label.

As a leader in providing currency-trading facilities, we provide the best White Label Partnership: 50% from the profit, we get from Clearing banks side.

We pay WL rebate instantly.

WL MetaTrader4 setup fee USD 5 000; plus USD1500 SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE monthly fee.

Independent White Label

WL independent (FRANCHISE) You will have Back office with full manager functionality (ad clients, deposits). You can setup your spread, commissions etc., you can get dealing (auto or manual mode) and get up to 100 % from profit.

WL MetaTrader4 setup fee USD 5 000; USD5000 SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE monthly fee

Set up White label in 2 days or buy WL ready to operate with chosen company on same day!

We would be glad to work with you on a long-term relationship. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.