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Save your money on the highly-profitable deposit!

By opening the trading account with Term Deposit in FXCH:

- You become a respected client of the Foreign Exchange Clearing House;
- You receive the interest benefit monthly, quarterly, annually, at the end of the maturity period or in advance;
- You receive an opportunity to select the desirable deposit term from a wide variety of options;
- You receive the highest interest benefit on the deposit.

Additional Advantages:

You can withdraw the accrued interest from your current account

Term Deposit terms:

Currency: USD,EURO
Minimal Installment: 5000 usd
Term: 3-12 months

Term Deposit Annual Interest Return:

3 month term deposit 10% per year
6 month term deposit 15% per year
12 month term deposit 20% per year

To open a Term Deposit trading account, please

Click here

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